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Take it Slow, Fashion;

A brief but thorough look into the Slow Fashion phenomenon

By Mahya

"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood

That being said, we may start wondering what we have been doing wrong! Fast and big, doesn’t mean qualified and stable! Fashion is like finding a partner; we have been playing around with different styles enough! It is time to choose pieces who are worthy of our love, attention, money, and respect! It is time to take it slow with fashion, because fashion is apparently more about how you look at yourself rather than how others perceive you. But let's first define some basic concepts.

What do you mean by slow fashion? Define it please!

Caring for the planet, supporting human rights, and trying to be more eco-friendly are all among the fundamentals of living a conscious life we talked about in the Fast Fashion article. Still, if we want to take a reasonable glance at the intentions behind the acceptance of a new trend, it’s more about personal benefits! This time around, the personal benefits are also benefiting the world both with hitting the brakes on excessive consumerism, and supporting local markets and small business.

Slow fashion is the universal response to fast fashion. It’s thoughtful, calculated, and all-inclusive.  The term was first coined by author, design activist, and professor Kate Fletcher. She explains that slow fashion started as a movement to enhance quality rather than change and variety. Generally, the forefathers of slow fashion defined the movement as means to encourage slower production, integrate morals with sustainability, and eventually inspire consumers to pick up quality and lasting clothes, thus acting more cost-effective.

Slow fashion is taking firm steps towards renewing our relationship with what is the closest thing to defining us, clothes; hence, the Slow Fashion movement hopes to build a world where all our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships gain more ethical, sustainable, and conscious shape. The movement moves towards fashioning an industry that benefits not only the planet but all people living on this planet. Hopefully someday soon, fashion will simply be slow fashion and make our world closer to the Utopian idea we have.

Slow Fashion Brands are Anything but Boring

Slow fashion is the new baby! It is almost a big question whether there has ever been a universal self-motivated movement like what is happening with the slow fashion. Slow fashion brands, were once believed to be close to the unflattering representations of Vintage-but-old-and-ugly images. Guess what? They are not! Glamorously, there are brands and shops, not to mention Sustainable and vegan models, who make you want to slow fashion all the time. Whether you’re just joining the slow fashion game or you’ve been a life-long vegan and green-fashion fan, check out these slow fashion brands that are helping the planet—and look awesome doing it.

Stella McCartney

“Stick with me, I’m your queen

Like a Tennessee Stella McCartney on the Heath

Just wanna be with you!”

Even Taylor Swift could not resist naming the now -world-famous Stella McCartney in her single “London Boy!” While many thought she simply included the reference as another nod to British culture, we believe it was because McCartney is that good!

'We strive to use materials with the smallest carbon footprint that meet the highest standards of current certification, 'the brand explains 'It is an ongoing process to achieve this and to lessen the impact we have on the environment.'

Prada Re-Nylon

Re-Nylon is the recent launch of the Luxury Italian brand, Prada, which is a sustainable line of bags and accessories. Everything is apparently made of recycled plastic that were previously littering the oceans, or they come right from fishing nets, as well as discarded fabrics.

The launch marks both Selfridges and Prada's commitment to sustainability, thus slow fashion is available to buy exclusively in-store, launching globally on in mid-September,2021.


GRAMMAR NYC crafts garments inspired by The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. & E.B. GRAMMAR creates foundational elements of a modern minimalist wardrobe that are anything but basic. You can enjoy their ethical philosophy of supporting local and small businesses running by women or minorities. Pay a visit to their website at

This list is obviously not limited and can continue on and on, but for the sake of focus, let us take a look at some of the Slow Fashion names in BC, Vancouver, where apparently, many well-known names are offering trends not to be found anywhere else.

Canadian slow fashion brands, here in Slow Fashion Vancouver

Slow fashion brands produce clothing in-house or locally, this enables a limited but observed process that will not establish sweatshops or encourage child labor or underpaid workers. With local slow fashion brands, nobody wants to please the masses, they want to stay on top because they are confident with their quality.

BC-Based Slow Fashion Brands


Website: | Instagram: @abronzeage

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Based in: Vancouver

A brand owned by women and focused on women, Bronze Age produces garments and accessories like bags and scrunchies. Mostly made on order in small batch, their pieces are all very unique and very different.  ‘Decadent’ garments is what they have chosen to call their pieces and that definitely defines them.


Website: | Instagram: @arraeicollective

Category: Clothing

Based in: Vancouver

If you are looking for a bohemian and modern style women’s clothing in Vancouver, Arraei Collective is your first choice. All the garments are made from natural fibers. Following slow fashion and green fashion, they try to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Website: | Instagram: @buojewelry

Category: Jewelry

Based in: Vancouver

Another woman-run successful company with fair and transparent pricing.  Buo is an independent jewelry label that features unique, chic and essential pieces. The affordability is the highlight of the brand that makes it a bonus point having pieces priced under $85 CAD.

NextDoor Closet

Website: | Instagram: @nextdoorcloset

Category: Clothing and Accessories

Based in: Vancouver

And last but not least, We are here. NextDoor Closet is building a real technology solution for age-old marketplace challenges, unleashing the sustainable power of community-based commerce. By extending the life cycle of wearable goods, it reduces the demand for new items and breaks the dependency on fast fashion; creating less waste and placing more affordable luxury in all of our wardrobes.


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