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The Circular Economy
A shopping concept that is reconciling a love of fashion with sustainability
Shop. Sell. Save The Planet.


Buy & Sell Resale

Every part of a garment can be cycled - what starts with a design, eventually gets sourced and then produced; provided with the intent to be worn and circulated responsibly - presumably. The circular concept defines the idea of items remaining for as long as it can in society in its most valuable form, and then returned safely to the environment when no longer of human use.Once items have become tired, the intent is to have it repaired or redesigned, then – rather than being binned – rented, swapped or sold at resale. This means less will be bought and less will be left ruining our planet.

The Challenges We Are Facing

Our love of all things new is now coming at too high of a cost to the planet, we must make these changes now - for our future, for our children and for the planet.

10 Million Tonnesof clothing in North America ends up in landfills every year, with the average individual throwing away 37 kilos. - WRW Canada
6,800 Lof water a single pair of jeans uses during its production, while a cotton shirt uses 2,800 - imagine how much bathtubs that could fill! - Advanced Waste Solutions Canada
by 2025"The clothing waste accumulated between now and then will weigh as much as today’s world population. We can’t ignore it." - Stella McCartney

A Paradigm Shift

- 82.92%

of Canadians have shopped second-hand in 2020,
an increase from 73% in 2019 - stats Canada.

- $2 Billion

is the worth of the second-hand industry in North America in 2020,
with that number continuing to grow. -Ibis World

- 50%

of Nextdoor Closet user cite their usage of the app
with intention to be of benefit of the planet and their community

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