We Take Authenticity Seriously

On Nextdoor Closet, it’s always fair and always authentic —that's our guarantee.

Simply enter your contact details and our VIP concierge will do all the work for you!

Authenticity is the foundation of everything we do.
We have partnered with reputable authentication experts to ensure every item sold is100% authenticated and in beautiful condition.


Prepare Your Listing

Every luxury listing requires additional documentation including receipts, cards and picture of hologram/ date codes.

Additional charges apply should we need to authenticate in-house. *
*$25 fee, excluding Hermes

Multi-Point Inspection

We inspect all goods for appropriate brand markings, date codes, serial tags and hologram stickers.
Everything passes through our
strict authenticity tests before it is
curated into the collection.

No Tolerance Policy

Nextdoor Closet does not accept counterfeits of any kind. Any item concluded as fake will be destroyed, or returned to owner in a 48 hour time frame.

Brands sold on Nextdoor Closet are not partnered or affiliated with Nextdoor Closet.

What is your authentication process?

A. Once the buyer purchases your item, the item gets shipped to NDC headquarters and our NDC specialist will authenticate the item using with our partner ENTRUPY. A certificate of authentication will be included and sent to the buyer along with the item.

B. If there are issues with the authentication and product, a notification and email will be sent to the buyer.

What are the fees?

Authentication Fee: $50 excluding Hermes Premium and exotics  

What if a buyer doubts authenticity?

If your buyer has doubts about the authenticity of an item you have sold, we systematically have the item checked over once more (fees may apply).

Whilst we do this, your payment will be placed on hold and we’ll let you know the outcome of the investigation within 7 days. If deemed inauthentic, we reserve the right to destroy the copy - or will notify you for quick pickup.

A Paradigm Shift

- 82.92%

of Canadians have shopped second-hand in 2020,
an increase from 73% in 2019 - stats Canada.

- $2 Billion

is the worth of the second-hand industry in North America in 2020,
with that number continuing to grow. -Ibis World

- 50%

of Nextdoor Closet user cite their usage of the app
with intention to be of benefit of the planet and their community

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