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Fall and Winter Fashion Trends That Rule The End of 2021

By Ainaz

fall winter 2021 fashion trends

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Fall is calling! After what seems to be a century of pandemic and lockdown, designers are back stronger than ever, bringing us colorful knitwear for fall winter 2021 fashion trends. Color is the key in the upcoming fall and winter. In this article I explained 2021 fashion trends briefly and what are the must-haves in your closet. Keep on reading to see what’s in the stores this fall and winter.

Fall winter 2021 fashion color trends

winter 2021 fashion trends

Bold colors are a big part of winter 2021 trends. In this season, designers have brought us a strong and singular palette of colors. Here are 8 colors that you should use in your outfits in this season:

1.    Marine green

A mixture of green and cyan. You can wear this color with neutral colors or you can go all marine green and wear a suit or a long dress in this color. Marine green is a symbol of nature and a soothing color.

2.    Scarlet orange

A bold orange color that gives us fall vibes is on trend in 2021. Fashion houses such as Versace and Gucci used scarlet orange in their latest collections. You can match scarlet orange with neutral colors like beige and sand but since its bold colors’ season why not go all scarlet.

3.    Bright lemon yellow

This attention grabbing and lively color goes perfect with jeans. you can match this color with navy blue or green. You can also choose a different shade of yellow if you don’t like a color this bright.

4.    Light blue

Use powder blue with fresh white and you can never go wrong. This calming color is amongst fashion trends for winter 2021 styles and we can’t be happier about it.

5.    Pink

Pink has been used in Prada catwalks and fashion shows this season. A powdery and subtle shade of pink is in trend. You can match dusky pink with contrasting colors like black or you can go with white and make a sweet calming outfit.

2021 winter fashion trends

6.    Red

Chanel has used red in its newest collection of jumpsuits and dresses for winter 2021 styles. Use the color red with neutral colors like grey or sand.

7.    Peach

This color has an earthy vibe and matches fall and winter so much. You can use pale peach color with jeans or you can match it with colors such as gold, cream or beige.

8.    Lavender

Unlike the rich and bold shades of this season, lilac and lavender are in style as well. We can see Salvador Ferragamo’s use of this color during the latest fashion month.

Fashion trends in 2021 that rule

fashion trends winter 2021

Who’s expecting the winter 2021 fashion trend to have a hint of 90s fashion? I know, just the same as the past few years but with more modern texture. You can find the 8 most important 2021 trends and must-haves here:

1.    Sweater vests

It has almost been a year that sweater vests are in style. You can layer your vests with turtle necks or button-ups in the winter. If you are a big fan of sweater vests you can also check out my personal favorite which is Alexa Chung’s sweater vests. Match your knitted sweat vest with a pair of oversized jeans which is in trend as well.

2.    Printed pants

All kinds of printed clothes were on trend in summer 2021 but this trend has continued in winter and fall as well and you can find a pair of printed pants if you want to be in the 2021 trend. You can match these bold prints with a neutral colored sweater.

3.    Oversized mega knits

fall winter 2021 fashion color trends

Knitwear has always been in style but this season an oversized knitted long dress or sweater can be mega. If you’re a big fan of comfortable clothes don’t forget to get yourself a couple of après-ski knit wears this season.

4.    Loose denim jeans

Unlike the last few years, this winter we focus more on loose-fit denims such as boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. You can match a slim shirt or a crop top depending on the weather.

5.    Puffy handbags

No outfit is complete with the right kind of accessories and handbags. We can see the rise of quilted and puffy hand bags specially in bottega veneta handbags in the 2021 winter fashion trend.

6.    Puffer jacket

A puffer jacket with bold and dramatic color is going to rule this winter/fall’s style. Puffer jackets almost never go out of style so you can’t go wrong by getting yourself one.

winter 2021 styles

7.    Sparkling clothing items

Either it's a top or your pants, you can choose a sparkling cloth because after one year of lockdown we are all ready to wear all kinds of dramatic clothes.

8.    Logo printed

After some time, logo printed clothing items are back in trend. You can choose between so many designer brands such as Versace, Gucci, Chanel etc.

fashion trends for winter 2021

And here comes the fall and winter trends and goes 2021!

You express yourself with your choice of fashion. Fashion trends winter 2021 have great options that you can choose between so you can be comfortable and in style. Now that you know what to wear this season don’t hesitate and choose your closet now. Enjoy!


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