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What Is the Definition of Vintage Style Clothing?

By Mahya

vintage style

When questioning the roots and meanings of vintage style, it seems that looking into the style requires some more time than usual,  and maybe even first putting a line between vintage clothing and vintage style. Although the two terms may be used interchangeably, if you are a smart fashionista, you probably should actually know the difference. It is not cute for a fashion lover to use retro for vintage style clothing in a style-heated discussion. Enough with the ifs and shoulds, let me take you back in time and show you all that jazz about style vintage!

Vintage style clothing VS Vintage style meaning

vintage style

Defining Vintage, we end up with the old! While that is true, the term now is too broad and general to fall under the old category! I mean, if your friend comments, “oh, what a cool vintage style of clothing you have,” should I get offended? Does she mean I am wearing something outdated? Well it all depends on your friend. Let me walk you through the vintage style meaning first, then we come up with how to react to your friend!

Vintage style meaning is relative people!

vintage style clothing

Well, yeah! There is no accurate synonym for vintage! In fact, it means old in a broader sense! Why? Because apparently there are several groups of believers who trust that their opinion holds the true meaning for vintage style.

The Vintage Opinionated Definers- I just came up with the term- vary from believing Vintage includes all the fashion and a-la-mode prior to world war II, to those who even consider 2010 style a vintage!

There are also those who consider any “pre-loved” item of clothing and style as vintage. You see, the term has no one exact definition!

You should be wondering then, What on earth is Vintage style?

What is vintage style is what is not antique style!

vintage style meaning

I said it. Consider the beauties of the 1920s. Any style originating from that golden age to the early 2000s can easily be considered vintage. Prior to that, you will be buying or wearing an antique. This is easy now. Although, the new question in hand is what is considered fashionable in the vintage style? Not everything dating back to 1987 is a vintage clothing item!

What can we say about vintage fashion style without actually getting confused!

what is vintage style

All fashion enthusiasts know that fashion tells you more about an era than the documented history. People who pick a specific kind of style for themselves are projecting a biography, a brief summary, or demo of what or how they think! Therefore, when we are talking about vintage style or vintage fashion, we are defining design elements of an era, and maybe even an era itself. Which era? The era old enough to be counted as vintage and recent enough not to be considered antique.

More on that, when you see a midi skirt with a porter top matched with a red lipstick and the cat-like Gigi Hadid style sunglasses, you know you are looking at the 1960s. The style and fashion is found on the market now, but it is a window to the past and it makes you have a flash of the era.

To wrap the vintage fashion style talk, all over history, fashion design has constantly turned to the preceding eras for inspiration. Vintage fashion in our era is trying to influence a sense of individuality for those people who shy away from dressing as the mainstream, and it gives environmentally friendly followers of fashion a wider choice of garments when it comes to buying something unique.

Vintage style dresses

I know many people who go straight for timeless women's dresses and end up with vintage style dresses! I do believe they are the same and ironically enough, each style represents a decade and a specific look. What matters the most about vintage dresses is that they never go out of style. These twelve are among the most common vintage dress styles.

  • The A LINE Vintage Dress
  • The Bias Cut Vintage Dress
  • The Dropped Waist Vintage Dress
  • The Empire Line Vintage Dress
  • The Fit and Flare Dress
  • The Mini Dress
  • The Maxi dress
  • Midi Vintage Dresses
  • The Sheath or Wiggle Vintage Dress
  • The Vintage Shift Dress
  • The Shirt Waister or Bouffant Vintage Dress
  • The Tent or Trapeze Vintage Dress
  • The James Dean look of Vintage Men Fashion

    It is easy to look like Ryan Gosling and you do not need money! I’m telling you! The designers afford it, not you. Just take a look at pre-loved items online and search for vintage men's fashion and you come up with Ralph Lauren designer shoes, Gucci bit loafers, Vintage Giorgio Armani Mani Windowpane Suit Jacket Pure Virgin Wool, and many other brand names at unbelievably good prices.

    When it comes to men, nothing is sexier than an ethically crafted wardrobe that shouts, “I care about life, love, and planet!”

    Why is vintage style clothing so popular in Canada?

    The popularity of vintage has come through education, and it's a response to fast fashion – Frank Akinsete. Canada, becoming quite notorious for the care for care and culture, is one of the leading countries in this run. Why?

    There are countless shops and stores with beautiful windows and exquisite offers and options for those who have chosen to dress both wise and different. With Vintage style clothing, Canada has been very smart and Canadians have come up with really high-end ways to answer the needs of their customers. From Toronoto to west Vancouver, there is always an online vintage store or a beautiful modern vintage fashion shop where you can choose what you’ve been looking for. High-end but affordable can conclude what I see in those stores.

    So, next time you receive a comment from one of your friends about your vintage clothing style, take it as a compliment, since it actually is!


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