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  1. A Guideline on Finding the Perfect Jeans and Leggings Size

By Ainaz

how to buy jeans that fit

"I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. So I wear jeans."  -Cameron Diaz

I think many people have ambivalent feelings about jeans; everyone wants them and everyone dreads wearing them because of the right size fear. Right Size Jeans Fear, is that a thing? Well, finding the right size pair of pants has always been challenging. There are more than 10 types of jeans and you have to find the size that fits you in each one of them. In this article I explained how to know what size of jeans to buy and which jeans style is the best for your unique body type. Keep on reading to find the answer to all questions about your pants’ size.

Body type

how to know what size leggings to buy

To find the answer to how to know what size pants to buy and what style, first you must understand your body type. Choose your jeans’ style according to your body type and you will never go wrong.

7 most popular types of jeans in style 2021

1.    Boyfriend jeans

Perfect for apple and athletic body types. Boyfriend jeans are a big part of winter/fall 2021 fashion trends.

2.    Mom jeans

If you want to create the illusion of a curvy waist, mom jeans are a great choice for you. They look flawless on hourglass body types.

how to find good fitting jeans

3.    Skinny jeans

You can get yourself a pair of skinny jeans no matter what your body type is! They are iconic and they look perfect on everyone.

4.    Boot cut jeans

If you have an hourglass type of body, boot cut jeans can look mesmerizing on you. This cut has been in style forever and it doesn’t see like it’s going to go out of style any time soon.

5.    Flared jeans

Very suitable for hourglass and pear shaped body types. If you are looking for a 70s aesthetic, flared jeans are the way to go.

6.    Loose-fit jeans

This style rocks 2021 fashion and is a great choice for everybody.

7.    Straight-cut jeans

If your body type is hourglass or athletic you can get yourself straight leg jeans with no hesitation. They look good on apple body type as well.

How to find good fitting jeans?

how to know what size jeans to buy

Having the perfect size of this iconic anchor in your closet is absolutely vital. According to your body type, you must choose between low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise jeans.

Low-rise jeans: it sits 2 inches below your navel. Pay extra attention that there is no extra gap in the waist area. If you have a curvy waist, low-rise can be a perfect choice for you.

Mid-rise jeans: this fit is the most popular rise and it’s suitable for almost all types of bodies. It sits a little below the navel. You can’t go wrong with a mid-rise pair of jeans.

High-rise jeans: high-rise jeans are an absolute classic. If you have an hourglass type of body, you must have a high-rise jean in your wardrobe. A high rise jean sits a little above the navel.

How to buy jeans that fit?

how to know what size pants to buy

You must remember the fact that sizes are different in different brands. It is best if you go to a shop and try 3 sizes that are closest to your size in the fitting room. But if you are shopping online you can check the jean size chart to find what size you should buy.

Tips on finding the perfect fitting jeans

  1.  Try different sizes of jeans before deciding to buy. You never know, maybe another size looks better on you.
  2.  Pay attention to the length of your jeans. It's recommended that your jeans reach the top part of your feet with a little more fabric.
  3.  Test different rises and different jean washes before you decide. Try to find out the pair of jeans that suits your body type the most.
  4.  Think about the stretch of the jeans you want to buy. Try to sit and get up a few times to make sure you are comfortable in your jeans.

Figure out which jean wash is the best for you

A Guideline on Finding the Perfect Jeans

Dark wash: dark washes are appealing to all body shapes and figures. The only thing you must know about dark washes is that with a good washing routine they will lose their color soon so be careful in washing them!

Light wash: suitable for apple figures and athletic body types.

Colored jeans: dark shades give the illusion of slimmer body shape so if you are not that skinny and you want to create the illusion of curves, it's recommended that you choose dark shades of colored jeans.

How to know What size leggings to buy?

Leggings are not normal pants. That being said, it’s better to measure yourself and then opt for what you are seeking in a brand. The chart below can be of help after defining what brand of leggings you want to buy. The measurements to know what size of leggings to buy are in cm.

“Jeans are denims” and that’s what she said!

As Diana Vreeland once said: “Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola." Now that you know everything about choosing the perfect pair of pants for yourself don’t hesitate and build an iconic denim wardrobe right now. Enjoy!


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