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How Fast Is Fast Fashion Disappearing?

by Mahya

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Fast Fashion was the New Normal for a while! However, “fast fashion” meaning was found, heard and known only when it was already too destructive. In a sense, what was once a pleasurable phenomenon of change and style is now the reason jungles are on fire, seas are rising, people are dying, and the planet is suffering! No worries though! Maybe fast fashion is not who it used to say it was after all, but in fact nobody is taking our natural unquenchable desire for unlimited choices away.  All we tend to tell you is how fast, fast fashion is disappearing!

Fast Fashion, Defined and Clarified!

Fast defines our century and fashion defines our century’s spirit! Our Social Media culture, and ultra-extrovert marketing strategies initiated glorifying “Looks over Smarts!” It wasn’t all bad! We are not trying to overlook the significance of our own variety-seeking nature, and how looks can influence our every-day decisions. Fast fashion came to satisfy many of us by taking our worries of not looking good enough away!

Fast fashion definition is a fast and affordable product! It was/is convenient, colorful, available, and accessible. It was the visualization of a dream for an average person, and that was having a wardrobe of unlimited clothes! It almost seemed like magic! But, “all magic comes with a price!”

Fast Fashion is Paying the Price!

Fast fashion is not affordable! We know that Zara, and H&M have made it seem like it is! But still, no magic is free! So, you may want to question the compensations that these stores and brands are paying to make their products as cheap as a beautiful night dress at the cost of only $12! The answer is that their speedy supply chains bank on outsourced and regularly underpaid labor from factory workers overseas. The whole fast fashion process is also environmentally harmful and resource-intensive, and to top it off, it’s hard to definitively quantify the industry’s impact.

Who’s Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion companies transfer the new models from the catwalks quite speedily to the clothing stores. Once upon a time there were “four seasons” of trend fashion collections annually. But Fast fashion industry has made it “seasonless” by introducing their new designs and collections sometimes even twice a month! That is one among many different features of the Fast Fashion industry that holds many known and famous brands. Other features are;

  • The brand is producing the clothes in big factories or sometimes even sweatshops where the labor is paid unfair wages.
  • The brand is highlighting “the limited availability” feature.
  • The brand is made from very cheap and poor-quality materials that simply make the clothes good-for-a-day!

If the features haven’t given you a direct guideline to many brand names, easily google “Fast Fashion brands,” to come up with a list to avoid shopping from them. You will not be surprised to see names such as Oysho, Shein, New Look, Mango, Zara, and many more familiar and unfortunately lovely names.

How Dangerous Fast Fashion Could be to the Planet?

fast fashion

How fast fashion is destroying the planet is a question with many accurate answers. The answers are so valid and somehow horrible that one might think why do governments allow such a threat to even exist! It’s not a political matter. It’s more about consumers and their change of buying habits. Not getting off-topic here, according to The Ethical Consumer and Greenpeace’s Journal, ‘Unearthed’, “if the demand for fast fashion continues to grow at its current rate, we could see the total carbon footprint of our clothing reach 26% by 2050!”

Textile factories that produce fast fashion items on a large scale are responsible for an unwanted byproduct of untreated toxic wastewater. This textile waste holds elements like lead, mercury and arsenic that are tremendously harmful to both aquatic and human life. From environmental effects to human rights invasions, fast fashion has a lot to answer for. It doesn't seem like it's slowing down anytime soon though.

The Future of Fast Fashion Clothing

Despite all the environmental costs fast fashion has created for the planet such as, deforestation, greenhouse effect, violation of human rights, etc.- this process will not vanish mysteriously from the face of the plant. Yves saint Laurent says, “Fashion fades, but style is eternal!” Yet Fast Fashion does not simply fade.  In fact, consumers rather turn a blind eye to the costs of fast fashion, and that makes this process still very alive. Although, every sudden revolution starts from baby steps.

With the introduction of Eco-fashion, Slow-fashion, Second-hand luxury brands, pre-loved fashion, sustainable fashion, and many other new marketing creations in the world of fashion and style, it seems as if people will actually soon prefer to replace fast fashion with a more environmentally friendly process that will both cost cheap and look good. Not to mention the second-hand fashion trends that can easily guide the consumers to even make money attaching to their old-habits of buying! That is to say, they can sell what they own instead of just throwing it away.


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