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The Ultimate Guide to Trendy Fashion Styles for Women

By Ainaz

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“Stick to the classics, and you can't ever go wrong. I see old ladies on the street who have fabulous style and realize it's because they are probably wearing really classic items that they've had for years and years. I think if you find something that suits you, you should just stick to it.” Alexa chung

The dresses you wear are more than just clothes. To make a good first impression you have to dress wisely. When you find the perfect style for your body type, choosing a dress will be an enjoyable act. There are different types of styles and dresses suitable or each body type. Keep on reading because in this article, we are going to explain what type of fashion style you should choose and what kind of dresses you should avoid. Hopefully by the end of this guideline, you can go shopping and you won’t have to worry about your choices anymore.

Types of Fashion Styles

First let’s start by naming the 5 most important fashion styles of all time and learning a little bit about each.

Bohemian: the first type of clothing style would be bohemian also known as “boho” or in some cases “boho chic”. This style is not considered a formal kind of fashion style. Brought from the 1960s, this style is mostly for free spirits and has an earthy kind of vibe. Long skirts and dresses are an inseparable part of this style.  

types of fashion styles

Classic: you can’t go wrong by choosing a classic outfit. It’s considered as a daily kind of style which consists of blazers and khakis. This style is more formal and is appropriate for a daily workplace outfit.

types of clothing styles

Casual: casual is the style appropriate for weekends or for non-formal events. This style is not completed without jeans. Flat shoes or sneakers are required as well. This look never goes out of style.

Punk and grunge: inspired by punk and rock music, these two styles consist of black boots, ripped jeans, leather jackets and band customized t-shirts. Their origins go back to the 70s and 80s. Punk style often comes with heavy makeup like thick eyeliners and special hairstyles.

types of dresses for women

Elegant style: Last but not least is the elegant style. If you want to have an elegant style you should be ready to fill your closet with glamorous dresses and jewelry. This look will give you class and elegance.

dress styles for body types

The 10 Most Common Dress Types in a Woman’s Wardrobe

Now that we’ve learned what style we should choose due to the occasion, it is time to learn the dress styles for body types. Girls’ clothing types are various and can cause so much confusion, so keep on reading to find out the perfect type of dresses for women and your own type of dress.

The 10 most important types of dresses you should have in your wardrobe are:

  1. Maxi dress: appropriate for casual events                                  
  2. 2. Pouf dress: this type of dress is not recommended for triangle body shapes                
  3. Mini dress: a great choice if you want to highlight your legs                      
  4. Halter dress: appropriate for summer                          
  5. Sheath Dress: flaunting for a business meeting or a fancy night out  
  6. Wrap dress: Kate Middleton’s favorite
  7. Smock Dress: can be a comfortable and your go-to outfit
  8. Ball gown: appropriate for black-tie kind of dress code
  9. Strapless Dress: in some cases, worn with t-shirts underneath
  10. Sun Dress: a perfect choice if you like floral prints

Different female Body Types and their Matching Styles

Each and every one of the mentioned types of dresses are used in different occasions and they are made for different types of bodies. The first step to select the perfect dress that makes your body look flawless is to find out your body type. There are 4 main body types: hourglass, triangle, rectangle and round or spoon.

types of fashion styles with pictures

Now that you know your body type is the time to find out what type of dress you should wear.

If you have an hourglass type of body the best types of dresses for you would be: open necklines and v-necklines. We do not recommend that you wear oversized dresses and shapeless styles

If you have a triangle body type a strapless dress or a v-neckline would be a perfect choice for you. Pouf skirts and dresses and oversized and shapeless dresses are not recommended.

If you have a round body type wrap dresses and dresses with full skirts can be a very good choice for you. Short dresses can be very flaunting as well. We do not recommend that you wear dresses with horizontal lines.

If you have a rectangle body type, dress with puffy sleeves and asymmetrical cuts. Avoid strapless dresses and tops.

And the Final Thought on the Style

Don’t forget the fact that each body is unique and this guideline was put together for you just to get an outlook on types of women's clothing and to figure out what’s best for you. Don’t forget that every style can’t be completed without fitting accessories and appropriate shoes and purses. Go shopping now and pick out your personal perfect dress.


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