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Fashion Forward and Timeless pieces

Can you name some clothing or accessory items that have been unaffected by the passage of time? We can, and we’ve got a few items for you to check out!


Jeans will, never, ever go out of style and the best part is that you can wear it year-round! Pair it with sexy sandals on a summer’s day or cozy up with a sweater and boots, but this beloved item will be your best friend for an exceptionally long time to come. Most A-list celebrities are known to own at least one pair of Levi’s jeans. However, Alice + Olivia and J Brand have been growing in popularity over the years with a more diverse selection. Whether you want it to hug your waist and give you some love or hang off your hips with a looser fitting, there is something for everyone with denim.

Trench Coats

Aside from the functionality of a trench coat, in which it keeps you warm and protects you from the rain, you can achieve so many different looks. Sleek, casual, chic? Wear it to school, your brunch date, or to the office, and it is guaranteed to be a look that still gets you that fulfilling once over from passer byers. If we are talking iconic coats, Burberry is a great consideration. Other favourites include Banana Republic, and of course, Lululemon who has nailed the athletic leisure category.

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Investment Bags

Did you know: The average number of bags a woman owns is 11. That means, you are going to need at least a few classic pieces that are versatile and have a long shelf-life, otherwise adjusting constantly to fast fashion can be expensive. And speaking of expensive, some luxury brands have had price increases right in the middle of the pandemic, so making wise choices is more important now than ever! Here are some classic pieces that have been on the celebrity books for decades:

Here is a list of our timeless picks:


Hermes Birkin

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Louis Vuitton Speedy

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Gucci Jackie O. Hobo Bag

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Dior Lady

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Proenza Schouler PS1

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Have you ever been to a dinner party at a friend’s place and just didn’t want to take off your shoes because it matched your outfit so well? Yep – we’ve been there! Take the time to audit your shoes and make sure you have covered these categories and you will be in good shape for your next outing!

Here is a list of our timeless picks:

· Stiletto Heal: Christian Louboutin

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· Sneaker: Gucci

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· Ankle Boots: Rag and Bone

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· Flat sandals: Valentino

With the incredible rise of preloved wearables, it is no longer a fashion faux pas to purchase second-hand clothing. All the picks and favourites we mentioned above are available through a vast array of online sites that promote pre-owned goods that are still in fantastic, like-new condition. As we indicated, luxury items have seen a price increase this year, and checking out your local vintage or consignment store will save you money both in the short and long term, plus a fun fact – it helps our environment. Every year the global fashion industry emits more carbon than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. You don’t realize the effects of what this means until you start paying more for your items.


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