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Tell us about yourself and your business?

In my personal and professional life, I am deeply committed to bridging differences, fostering gratitude, self-awareness, authentic conversations and non-judgement, as well as helping people heal, learn, grow, and rise up to be their best every day in every possible way through various practices. I am literally obsessed with lifelong learning, facing life's deepest truths, and the human potential.
My company, I Am My Best Coaching Inc. is about helping people commit to being their best, in their professional or personal lives, and that looks different for each person, and it looks a little different each day. I am a certified EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence and Life Coach, Adult Educator, Leadership Trainer, and Reiki Master..

What inspired you to start your own business?

Being an entrepreneur is truly my preference. I’ve had both employment contracts and have run my own business in the past, and I’ve enjoyed both. But setting my own schedule, creating my own path, and helping people from a synthesis of my education; learnings from my heart and soul, rather than from a “how-to” template and created by someone else, is incredibly freeing. I also believe that this is how I have been able to work so much more effectively and creatively with the clients I’ve worked with. I’m doing what I believe in, from a very deep place.

Describe what a day in your schedule looks like

Each day looks a little different, and parenting my two kids is always first and foremost. For my work schedule, I currently schedule in Reiki clients twice a week. On the other 3-5 days of the week, I do a combination of coaching calls, courses I am taking to upgrade some of my certifications, creating some workshops and training modules I plan to deliver online in the new year (and hopefully in-person one day again!), social media posting, and since I am in the soft-launch phase of my business, I am also currently in the thick of branding and marketing my services (and the learning curve is steep!).

What is your favorite style and go to looks?

My favourite style is casual-chic. In my work, I like to be comfortable, but look sharp. I love mostly flowing blouses and tops, skirts, leggings, stylish low to flat heeled shoes, and I wear a LOT of gemstone pieces.

What are your staple pieces in your closet that you can’t live without?

It’s about the shoes for me – I LOVE comfortable shoes that look really good – it’s between my Common Projects, my gorgeous (but incredibly comfy) suede flat thigh high flat-heeled boots, or one of my loafer pairs of shoes.

Do you have any favourite brands?

I adore the fashion lines by Diane Von Furstenberg (always so beautifully feminine), Chloe (timeless and beautiful fit), and Ulla Johnson tops and dresses for Spring and summer. I also love Nili Lotan, White & Warren sweaters and BASH Paris. After trying every designer jean over the years, I landed on Mavi jeans, which are such a comfortable fit. On the much more casual side, LuluLemon has been life-changing for comfort!

Name your top 3 favourite local Vancouver businesses you support

There are several fashion locals that I love and support, such as Hills, Twist, Lulu Lemon, Aritzia, Michelle Addison Stylist (and all the places she shops), to name a few. And I am soooo looking forward to supporting Nextdoor Closet when you launch!
But aside from clothing, there a several local companies that are near and dear to me.

Three of which are:
Turf has been a godsend for me, and I am missing their classes terribly! Their fitness classes (especially the “Class” which is a huge physical/emotional cleansing practice), their merchandise, their incredible menu items and their community are beautiful.

Banyan Books has been a go-to for my work – the books, self-care items, gemstones, and simple gift ideas make it one of my favourite places.

Thomas Hobbs is one of the most beautiful florist shops I’ve ever seen. Walking into their shop is like walking into a fairy tale. Their flowers are always long-lasting and of the highest quality, and their staff are seriously hard-working, dedicated to floral arts in such an authentic way, and they truly care about giving customers the very best.

What mantra or motto do you live by?

Take care of your world inside of you, so that you can take care of your world outside of you.

What is your final message, to empower everyone around you?

Your worthiness comes from within. As does peace, joy, freedom, love and your life-path. Seeking these things externally reduces our sense of self and our personal power.

We are all worthy and powerful beyond measure, and no matter what may have
happened in the past, we MUST see and believe this. And, “each new moment is an opportunity to start anew”.


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