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When shopping for new designer clothing, style never needs to be compromised. However, one thing that not all designer clothing takes into consideration is the environmental impact that clothing and fashion have on our planet. You already know how detrimental fast fashion is, and are looking for a better way to shop for luxury and premium designer clothing that will last. Given that most clothing is donated or tossed within a year, the new market for reselling clothes has exploded.

The options for reselling clothes haven’t changed too much over the years, and they don’t always cater to those searching for high-end clothing and accessories. Thrift stores can be time-consuming, and filled with low-quality items. Consignment stores can also be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Shopping in person can have its own challenges, with limited stores being open at this time, the need to drive and park, and spending time shopping at a variety of stores with no guarantee of finding what you like. This hit-or-miss in-person shopping experience means you may miss the latest items that fit your style. However, buying new luxury items can also be expensive, especially if the piece is season-specific or trendy.

Thankfully, there’s a new platform for style-conscious shoppers who are wanting to buy sustainably - Next Door Closet! Next Door Closet is the newest online platform that allows you to buy like-new luxury and premium designer clothing.

Instead of searching through hundreds or thousands of older styles or fast-fashion cast-offs, Next Door Closet only carries luxury and premium brands (think Aritzia, Club Monaco, and local, high-end brands). Check back daily for the latest finds, and shop at your own convenience day or night instead of being limited by specific store operating hours.

By buying and selling through Next Door Closet, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you have reduced waste, water, and resources that contribute to our current environmental crisis. High-quality designer pieces last longer and are able to be worn not only for yourself but also hold their value and quality even when they are resold to others. Designer clothing also tends to be more timeless, reducing the need to cycle through new items to keep up with the trends.

Once you’ve worn your item and loved it, resell easily on the platform to break the cycle of fashion production while making the most of high-quality garments. Too busy to photograph and list your items? Schedule a pickup and let Next Door Closet take care of the rest! Your items will be picked up, inspected, photographed and listed by our White Glove Concierge service experts.

Next Door Closet provides a seamless, easy buying and selling experience for style-conscious shoppers, with the convenience of discovering new pieces 24/7 from your device. Ready to start shopping? Download the Next Door Closet app today!


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