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How to Sell Second Hand Clothes Online, Or How to Get Rich Being Eco-Friendly?!

By Mahya

Selling second hand clothes online is almost a miracle since it replaces the nightmarish messy closet of yours with money!

how to sell second hand clothes

We have all been there; we open our closets and in a second, we feel miserable by looking at the pile of clothes flooding out, or shoes left toppled-over on the shelves, or our designer bags being pressed under one another at the end of our shabby wardrobe. At the same time, the very thought of buying another pair of leather boots, Louis Vuitton new handbag, or even an affordable Zara cocktail dress fills us with guilt and blame because we know there are plenty of items in the ignored parts of our drawers that still have their price tags on. Even if we overcome the conscious urges to keep away from consumerism, we may be tempted. The problem most of the time is we don’t have money anymore! If there is one solution to the unfortunate problem of owning a disorganized but jam-packed closet, that is learning how to sell secondhand clothes online.

Get Organized and Sell Your Second-Hand Clothes Online

how to sell second hand clothes online

To sell your pre-owned items online, please first take the day off. Follow the lead and find the miraculous result of feeling at peace at the end:

  1.    Empty and Clean Your Closet: Take everything out and put them somewhere you can see all your belongings separately. Then, use some all-purpose cleaner and towels plus a vacuum cleaner to get your chic wardrobe back.
  2.    Declutter Your Clothing and Shoes: If you have watched Friends, you know hot to be a Monica. Act like her and start separating all your clothes instead of piling them on your bed. Put pants together, and don’t include your trench coats in your cardigan pile.
  3.    Start a Capsule Wardrobe: We have already talked about owning this kind of wardrobe and how effective it can be in mixing and matching different but useful clothing items that you will always wear, and you needn’t be worried that they might go out of style.
  4.    Split The Pile: Now is the time to split the items that you don’t want in your wardrobe.

Make sure you categorize your wardrobe into denims, thick items, or you can have a seasonal, or formal and informal system. Now let’s talk about how to prepare your stack for online clothing sales.

Get Picky and Prepare Your Online Sale Collection of Clothes

how to sell 2nd hand clothes

Selling your second-hand clothes online is one thing, selling them fast and with a reasonable price is another thing. This is not far from setting up a business, and in marketing you will need clarity, quality, and presentation. To get on top of the holy trinity, make sure you make time to first split the pile of items out of your wardrobe to the two categories of, PRESENTABLEs and Ignorables! What are they?

Deciding your Presentables to Sell Online

how to sell 2nd hand clothes online

Your chosen clothes for second hand online retail are not necessarily your glad rags, although truth be told they’d better be! However, if you believe you will get your items a la mode the moment you scrub them up well or pay a visit to the laundry, don’t waste time overthinking it. In your pile, there are brand new items that you never really considered them to be your taste, vintage items or hand-me-downs that are exceptionally chic and unbelievably trendy these days, designer clothes or shoes and bags that are still trendy and in-demand, as well as smart clothes that you only have worn once but really don’t want to repeat them. Pick up some rags and put them in a separate box because those presentables are good money.

Don’t Sell your Ignorables Online, but Don’t Ignore Them Just Yet!

how to sell my second hand clothes

Maybe you don’t want to sell all your second-hand clothes online. This does not mean you have to put them in the trash bin. Get creative with their fabrics, or if they are still wearable, give them away instead of investing in them. Love is also a good fortune.

Now that you have your box of items to make some money, you need a place to sell your second-hand and now pre-loved clothes. Although you may want to set up a fair or a Maison with friends, trust me that consignment stores are miraculously faster and more convenient than any thrift shops.

How to Sell Your Pre-Owned Clothes Online on Second-hand Shops

how can i sell second hand clothes

When considering selling your used fashion clothes online, the first place you want to study are the brand designer consignment shops. These days, following all the new environmentally friendly trends, many well-known designers have set up their own second-hand resale online shops. Besides, Amazon and eBay have their own individual sellers’ sections and Amazon India actually started specifically for selling secondhand clothes.

Another place that you should definitely conduct research on are the local online stores for secondhand goods, pre-owned local shops, Eco-friendly fashion stores, and pre-loved online shops for fashion items. These places have their unbelievably easy platforms for you just to put your clothes on sale and make some money sooner than you ever expected since they already have the customers you have to spend time and money to find.

How Does Starting My Profile with Online Consignment Shops to Sell My Secondhand Clothes Work?

how to buy second hand clothes online

Of course, each online consignment store has its own set of rules and regulations. Meanwhile many might cooperate with any individual with any kind of clothing they have to offer, some are creating a quality environment of trust. For example, Here at Nextdoor Closet, we do not allow counterfeits or worn-out items to be placed in our collections. To start selling with many online stores, you need to install their apps or create an account on their website. Then comes another important task; photography, you want to send out good vibes!

How to Take Photos of Your Secondhand Clothes to Sell them Online?

how to buy second hand clothes

For you to act as a successful seller online, you require quality pictures of your merchandise. You will not need a super professional camera or tools. Smartphone photos will do as long as you know how to get a good day light that really brings out the colors on your goods and you have all the details in photos. If you want to stay on sites as a seller and later become a kind of Vintage Influencer, you might even pick a specific person to try the clothes on or keep a template for your photos. Just keep in mind that filters and edits will wash you off the trust you need to make money with. Keep your photos as real, as bright, and as qualified as possible.

Last Stop, Sell your Secondhand Clothes Online!

sell second hand clothes

Now it’s time to make some profit and treat your pocket. Upload the photos on your verified account. Make sure you know the website or the app terms on the percent they take from each of your successful purchases. For that, you need to know their payment system for a quick and easy payout. If they do not provide any, make sure you notify the people interested in your pieces how they can pay. The Pickup terms and ways are to be obvious, as well. Good luck and make sure you keep us informed if the article helps you make a fortune.


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