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All you Need to Know about Selling your Shoes Online: Where Can I Sell My Secondhand Shoes?

By Ainaz

how to sell second hand shoes

Most women use approximately 50% of the clothes they have in their closet. There are lots and lots of clothing items and foot wears that we have outgrown or we no longer use. You might have all kinds of shoes and boots that you no longer wear or they might not be in our right size. If you want to change your style or you have been simply wondering “where can I sell my shoes fast?”, you can easily sell all your shoes, boots and footwear to buy other new or second hand clothing items and shoes with its money.

In this article I gathered information about how to sell second hand shoes and boots. Keep on reading for a brief guideline and all the tips you need to know because good shoes take you to good places.

How can I sell my shoes online?

where can i sell my shoes for cash

There are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration before putting up your shoes for sale. Here are some tips you might need about selling your shoes and boots online:

1. Price reasonably

Put a price on your item according to its value. Don’t overprice and certainly don’t underprice it. You need to know the value of your belongings in order to know it you can consult with a professional too. You should approximately aim for 40% -50% for your shoes’ real value. The most popular shoe size among women is 7. So if you are selling a size 7 it is so much easier for you to sell it and you can price your shoes a little bit more than other shoe sizes.

2. Good presentation

The moment you wear your shoes; they lose their natural shape. In order to maintain their first natural look you can stick a shoe tree in them. For your shoes to have an exquisite presentation, you need to polish them to give them a shiny eye-catching look.

3. Photography

how can i sell my shoes online

If you are planning on selling your shoes online, photography plays a big part in your presentation. Photograph your shoes under natural light. Also take photographs in different angles and you can edit these photos so the brightness is justified. Make sure all the unique details of your shoe are photographed. The photos of your shoes must include: 1. Side view 2. All the unique details 3. Top view 4. On foot shots 5. A view of the sole.

4. Choose your platform wisely

There’s nothing more important than you and the buyer’s safety. There are numerous fraud websites and online shops that can cause you various problems. Before starting the process make sure of their policies and make sure you are safe.

Where can I sell my shoes for cash?

where can i sell my shoes for cash

Have you been asking yourself” where can I sell my second hand shoes?” and “where can I sell my boots for cash?” Well, here is your answer. If you are interested in the old fashioned way, there are multiple outlets and stores that you can sell your used shoes to. These stores will buy your shoes but they don’t pay you a lot for it and some stores don’t pay your profit until your product is sold.

But recently with the development of technology and the pandemic, the use of the internet increased significantly and we can easily see the rise of online shopping. If you’re looking for a more profitable way to sell all your second hand shoes, the internet and online shops are a way better choice for you. Although if you want to sell your shoes online you need to pay extra attention so you don’t have to deal with fraud and be careful about your safety. If you’ve been wondering “how to sell my shoes online?” this is your answer.

  1. eBay  (International)
  2. Nextdoor closet (Local in Vancouver: the company provides you with an application)

The mentioned websites have a strict policy against fraud so you can have a safe sale without any worries and also you can sell your shoes fast.

  1. Instagram and Twitter: You can also use Instagram and twitter. Although all the rules depend on you on your social media accounts, it is a bit risky because everyone can see your sale and you are relying on them without any regulations.

Now that you know all you needed

“What do women want? Shoes.” ― Mimi Pond

where can i sell my boots for cash

If you don’t wear some of your foot wears for you have outgrown them or simply because they don’t go with your fashion style anymore, don’t hesitate! Sell them so you can buy new shoes and change your style. I hope you got to learn all you needed on selling them safely. Take all the factors mentioned above into consideration before you sell your shoes. Be safe and make a good profit!


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