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Pre-loved fashion sold in your community - Download The App!


Kids Clothes and Shoes Store

Kids Clothes are dreamy, super cute, and tear-jerkingly tiny. That very teeny tiny quality can make them nightmarish for parents since kids outgrow their clothing all the time. Although we pay a whole load of money on those minute dresses, we sometimes even don’t have time to dress our baby in it for once. Adding to all the fabric, beauty, and energy we are wasting is the fact that we buy luxury, and designer clothes because our kids are the apples of our eyes.

Truth is, more often than not, we are clothing our kids with secondhand items. If you disagree, think of your second-born and ask them about their memories of childhood clothes. If you have doubts about the hygiene and quality of the clothes, you need a trusted consignor like us.

If in Vancouver, you can make sure that we offer kids shoes and clothes in their best quality and authenticity if promised to be designers at Nextdoor Closet.  We promise that it is in good condition, and you just have to make sure they fit well. We offer you the best baby shoes in Vancouver. 

Our closet for your kids at Nextdoor Closet includes names such as little Armani, little Burberry, little Marc Jacobs, and the rest of all little big names that just make you want to buy them whether you have kids or not. Pay a visit to our kids shoe store in Vancouver, you will not regret it. 

There are many kids’ shoes stores in Vancouver, along with all the baby clothing stores. You have been shopping and now you are left with an oversized 3-year-old and a pile of cute dresses. Sell them to those who are on the hunt to buy them at a reasonable price right now.


We save babies from horrible shoes and clothes, we save the planet from destruction, and we save your pocket from bankruptcy.